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The 2022 concert season at The Wharf is here!!!!  The concert series is awesome this year and we have a great opportunity to raise money for our Gulf Shores Dolphin Athletic Club.  Let’s have some fun, raise money for our athletes, and make friends along the way. Look forward to seeing you at The Wharf!



Each volunteer earns $25 Dolphin Dollars per concert to go towards your child’s Spirit Pack.   Work multiple concerts and earn each time you volunteer.   Register a friend to come help and they can earn you $25 Dolphin Dollars! You can split Dolphin Dollars between sports or gift them to another athlete if you would like.  Dolphin Dollars are a way for DAC to give back!  Without you we could not make this fundraiser happen. We encourage you to signup for as many events as you would like to work.


The exciting part of being a volunteer is your efforts directly affect funding for your child’s sport. Your designated sport will receive $50 that will be contributed directly in that sports general fund.  These funds are for the team.  Each coach can use the money as they wish to give their program what it needs to be successful.  Think about this… if one sport fills both concession booths they earn $1,400 in one night!

Choose the event, or multiple events, you plan to attend and fill out completely.  Your cell phone and email address are very important.

There are 2 concession stands, A & B.  If you want to work with another volunteer, please pick the same concession stand when you register.


Prior to concert date

  • 1-2 days prior to your selected concert date you will be contacted via text (first choice), cell phone call, or email by one of the concession managers confirming your attendance.  


Arrival time / Parking

  • You are asked to be there at least 1 hour before gates open.  You are welcome to show up early, there is plenty of prep work to do.  The Concession Managers will be there 1– 2 hrs. before gates open.

  • You will go in the W Club Entrance area.  See map below.

  • Volunteers are to park by the Oasis in Staff parking, the red area on map. NOT W Club Parking. See map below.



  1. solid navy shirt or navy shirt with GS logos (GS Football, GS Baseball, etc.).

  2. recommend old tennis shoes or comfortable closed toed shoes.

  3. appropriate shorts or pants…. It does get warm in the concession stand.


Your Responsibilities

  • Must sign in and sign out with concession manager.  This is the only way we can credit the sport and account for Dolphin Dollars.

  • Tasks will be assigned by the concession manager upon arrival i.e.  cashier, server, bartender (pour liquor drinks) etc.

  • All volunteers are required to stay until the concession manager checks them out. There are several things that must be done to “Close” the concession stand each night, clean, sweep, etc.   



  • This is an organization that represents Gulf Shores City Schools please act accordingly.

  • NO CONSUMPTION OF ALCHOLIC BEVERAGES before or during the concert.

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